How to Clean a HEPA Filter?

HEPA is a type of pleated mechanical air filter. That is used in many appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and respiratory masks. There are many types of HEPA filters used in different types of appliances. These filters are made disposable, washable, and permanent. The reusable HEPA filter is easy to maintain, but you have to keep in mind permanent filter is not washable. If you wash a permanent HEPA filter, it will be bad. So, before cleaning the HEPA filter perfectly, you have to maintain some tips. Then you can clean the HEPA filter easily.

How to clean a HEPA filter

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How to Clean a Permanent HEPA Filter

I have spent many hours learning the way to clean a HEPA filter, but I don’t have a purifier, lol actually that means fun. I love to learn about anything new that’s why I got it. Today I’m going to share the method. You might be looking for it.

1. Remove Filter

Permanent HEPA filters generally used in air purifiers. These should not clean by the water because water can damage the filter. Before removing the filters, you have ensured the floor covering the plastic or old sheet. Before removing the filter you should turn off the appliance and unplug it for safe removal. If you are unsure how to remove it, then you can use a manual guide. Most air purifiers have a back cover that you can open to access the filters easily.

How remove filter

2. Clean the Pre-Filters

Water should be used to clean the pre-filter; do so under the faucet until the water runs free. Cleaning fine wire filters with a soft-bristled brush is recommended. You should also clean all sides of the filter with a wet sponge.

Clean the Pre-Filters

How to Clean a Washable HEPA Filter?

1. Check the Manual

Generally, washable HEPA filters are used in air purifiers, and sometimes its use in vacuums. Before wash a HEPA filter you should read the manual carefully. If you can’t lose the manual, you can search online. Search the manufacturing site and type in the model number then you will find the downloadable file.

How to Clean a Washable HEPA Filter

2. Remove Filter

Before opening the appliance, you should cover the floor with plastic or you can take it outside. If the filter is large, it can hold enough dirt and dust that might be released into the air or fall to the ground. Before start, clean, turn off the appliance, and unplug it to save any potential electrical shocks. Then search the filters and remove them. If you don’t know how to remove the filter, then you can follow the manual for guidance.

Remove filter

How to Maintain a HEPA Filter?

If you clean the HEPA filter all time it works well. Regularly cleaning filters helps to prolong the life of the filter and appliance. Here are few tips to help you maintain your HEPA filter.

Tips to Maintain.

  1. Clean when recommended: Air purifiers with washable or permanent filters usually need to clean every there to six months. If you following this recommendation, it will help to keep your filter clean and running smoothly.
  2. It’s Safe to Clean the Filter More Often: There is nothing too afraid to clean the HEPA filter more often by the manufacturer. If you use the right methods as long as it’s perfectly safe. Keeping the HEPA filter clean, that will help the appliance to work more powerfully.
  3. Don’t Clean If Not Necessary: If you don’t use the appliance, you don’t need to clean it as often. But you should clean the filter every three months.

Keeping It Clean

If you want to save money permanent and washable HEPA filters are an excellent choice for running appliances. Clean the HEPA filter easily but you have to check whether if you have a washable or permanent filter. The permanent filter should only dry clean, meaning with a vacuum or brush and washable filters shouldn’t by the water.




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